Why you should write a blog

There are many reasons why you should consider creating a blog. A very good reason is that it is free to do so. The fact that is free, fun and educational should be enough to whet your appetite and get you started. Also, the fact that is can be quite financially rewarding if done correctly, is the kicker that gets most motivated to take action.

Here at retiredbutbroke.com we concentrate on those facing retirement, or those who are already retired. This post will therefore focus on those in that age category. Mixed in with why you should write a blog will be what steps to take during the straightforward process of developing your masterpiece.


It’s free – and getting started

It is free to free to create and maintain a blog for as long as you like. There are many blogging platforms online that are totally free, such as, WordPress, Microsoft Blogger, Weebly and Wix, to name just four. They are all quite basic, and although you can choose a name for it, they insist you incorporate it in their URL (web address). However, it is always best to think about the long game, and you may want to develop or expand your creation. Having said that, the expense you can incur is minimal, possibly about $40/year to host your own blog/website and name, plus up to about another $20/year to buy the name you want.

Spending money on a blog is only really necessary though if you you are serious and plan on expanding your initial idea for your project and eventually intend to monetize it to pay you a passive income on a regular basis. I have used WordPress quite substantially in the past, and know of substantial free resources available for that platform, so would feel honoured to recommend it to beginner bloggers.

It’s fun – determining what to write

Start at the very beginning (‘…it’s a very good place to start..’), Julie Andrews famously sang this at the beginning of The Sound of Music. When Julie sings, I’m inclined to listen, and you should too. First of all, the subject matter of your blog, or niche, is what needs to be determined. Whatever your passion, be it sports related, historically motivated, a hobby you wish to share with other people, there is bound to be an audience that will eventually follow you. As long as your theme is not too broad, an avid group of supporters can surprising grow at a rapid pace. Your interest will be shared by people like you. Your task is to reach those people.

Now you have decided what your blog will focus on, selecting a relevant ‘theme’ is the next step. If you plumped for a WordPress installation, there are literally thousands of options to choose from as regards themes and plugins. Your theme, after a bit of practice twiddling with various selections, will regulate the look and feel of your blog. Choosing from a multitude of plugins will determine the speed, ease of use, shortcut functions, and generally how you blog will operate. As you begin to build your empire, working out how all the pieces fit together is all part of the fun.

It can make you money – maximising you site’s potential

A certain number of ‘knowledgeable’ types advise writing blog posts (over 1,000 words), on a regular basis, for maximum effect. Two or three posts a week seems to be the average that is recommended. As well as occasional SEO (search engine optimization), following these two steps will organically see you climbing the search engine rankings. This means that by doing nothing more than writing regularly about you interest and tweaking word order, lots of people will find and read your blog, which in turn make it available to more viewers.

The most magical part of owning and updating a blog is the fact you can optimally monetize it to make you money. Putting what are called affiliate links in strategic place throughout your text, can either make you a lot of money when visitors click on those links and buy things, or you can embed links whereby all a person needs to do is click on that link in order to pay you. All this is absolutely free. If researched carefully and done properly, your blog can give you a passive income for the rest of your life.

You never stop learning – delving deeper and diversifying

The beauty of blogging and its overall, fascinating quality, is the prospect of continual education and discovery. Because your research leads you to areas you are unfamiliar with, new lines of inquiry often provide gratifying surprises. Increasing your own knowledge in areas you thought you knew well, is a by-product of immersing youself reularly in your passion.

Making new friends and connections is all part of sharing your blog with the wider community of your chosen niche. Your tribe can not only lead you to unexpected revelations, but create a desire to uncover new paths that in turn stoke that fire. A willingness to share and want to grow is all you need to become a lot more than somply financially rewarded.


The many positive reasons for blogging, not least the personal and financial growth angle, are embedded in finding a purpose and pursuit to exploit. The time and effort expended in creating what could turn out to be a substantial, epic body of work, will be worth it as the days pass. I ardently urge you to start a blog.

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Kevin Roache