startup programs

In this age of Windows 10/11 and the exponential curve-growth of IT threatening to change our way of life, why does it take so long to boot up your laptop/PC these days? An average of 2 minutes 28 seconds from pressing the on button to be actually able to do anything is unacceptable.

With every update, not to mention malware taking over your machine and adding programs to your your start-up process, is it any wonder it takes an age to get going?

In Windows 10, accessing and cleaning out the start-up tab in Task Manger is the way to go.

Just follow these 5 simple steps

1. hold down ctrl, alt and your delete key together

2. choose task manager from the resulting screen

3. click on more options (if needed)

4. choose the start-up tab

5. disable all those programs that have attach themselves to your start-up process

doing this will get you going faster…