HTML in the new WordPress

A lot of people seem to be a little frustrated with the latest incarnation of WordPress.

You now have to manipulate ‘blocks’ and get used to what in reality is a new CMS. After having spent years accustoming yourself to WorPress pre-5, you are now faced with a new upgraded website dashboard and you’re not happy it seems.

One of the procedures you possibly took advantage of was the HTML tab that simply allowed you to add type or paste sections of code that would appear on your page, or in your post, linked to your affiliate link or web page.

Where has this facility disapeared to in the new regimen?

In you page or post, wherever you wish to insert HTML, position you curser as if you are going to add another block.

Then either click on [/] on the right hand side or click on Add block/wiget/[/]shortcode. Both will result in


After you have written/pasted your html in the shortcode box and saved, you can then move it up or down to appear in the correct place on you page/post


Or alternatively you can revert back to your add new pages using the Classic Editor Plugin, and do things the way you used to!