keyboard shortcuts

Before the advent of Microsoft Windows, when Bill Gates was still tinkering, there was no such thing as a mouse. Right-clicking was touching on the realm of fantasy and such wonders to come. The limited software available, word processors, spreadsheets etc, was navigated by keyboard shortcuts.

Now, in his wisdom young William decided to incorporate these shortcuts into the software he and his team have written since. Even though today’s WYSIWYIG applications operate on many graphical user interfaces, they all can be quickly manipulated by a keyboard shortcut.

Many seem to have gone out of use over the years, but the popular ones still exist. The ones I use the mosr are:-

crtl + c = copy
ctrl + v = paste
ctrl + a = select all
ctrl + X = cut
ctrl + z = redo typing
ctrl + y = undo typing
ctrl + f = find
ctrl + p = print
ctrl + q = then enter = quit

The mouse is an acquired skill and has its dexterity is in popular use today. However, for speed of use you can’t beat a keyboard shortcut.