Things To Do When You Are Retired

After negotiating the torrid years of your education system whilst battling puberty, conflicting ideologies and encroaching adulthood, the world of work awaited you. Having decided to try and grasp your version of ‘the American dream’, you tentatively take your first steps into the world of work. It is time to think about the things to do when you are retired.

In the process of dealing with ‘life’, making a living, building a family (or not), and interacting with the laws and norms of society – the years just fly by. Before you know it, you’re considering retirement and what what that might entail.

This article will put a few things in perspective and get you to maybe think about a few things you had never considered. This stage of your life doesn’t have to be be a scary unknown. Whether you have planned meticulously for your retirement, or just muddled though your existence up until this point, the following words will have some significance.

Getting comfortable with the idea of not working anymore

When there is no longer a pressing need to get up every morning and fight with the traffic to spend eight hours or more jugling with the same processes you do every day, a depressing inertia can set in. It is imperative to not let this happen.

Making the best of what we’ve got

As previously mentioned, staying physically and mentally active is of great importance. However, it is true to say that retirement for many will mean a significant decline in the availability of disposable funds. Due to money mismanagement by institutions or personal bad luck, it is fair to say promises have not been kept. This has led to a massive shortfall in a large majority of retirees, or soon to be, with little money to comfortably exist on.

Being active can be free or low cost, thankfully. Travelling, even in just your local area, by walking or public transport, is the best way of staying active. Physical and mental wellbeing is substantially boosted by getting out and about, and discovering what you have passed every day, but hadn’t noticed, for the previous 20 years. It isn’t necessay to go on a 2 month world cruise, or travel around Europe.

Facing reality and money issues

Instead of adopting a victim attitude and wallowing in how hard life has treated you, why not look for the positives. Try to look at how life will change for the better if you work for yourself. If you can move away from being dependant on an employer, and move towards setting up a business that involves your interests and passion, working becomes fun. Re-training and learning new skills are obviously going to be needed, but the benefits gained far outweigh any negatives.

Understanding the enormous change retirement impacts on our lives
I think we need to look for a moment at the impact of actually not working anymore. Even though we all treat it as though it is no different to flicking a light switch off, the effects can be quite profound.

This disengagement from the ritual of work then the arduous transition to our retirement are felt by everybody. These issues often include not fully trusting oneself. Identity disruption, and feelings of low self-worth can occur. Indecision and procrastination can result from over analysing situation. The search for meaning and our place in society. Aging, self-actualization, death anxiety, the critical nurturing of social relationships are also some effects that are revealed when retirement looms.

10 ideas you can do right now

1. Get out and about more often.

The much quoted saying ‘travel broadens the mind’ derives its popularity from the fact that there is a great deal of truth in its wisdom. Seeing things you have never seen before, learning new facts, and getting to notice things from a different perspective, does a little more than broaden the mind. The cognitive effects, as well as physical effects, are enormous. As previously discussed, cost doesn’t have to be an issue. Being as active as you can, and experiencing as much as you can, will benefit you as you visit everything on your bucket list. You will always get out as much as you put in.

2. Do something regularly that involves exercise

Everybody knows the benefit of regular exercise. This becomes especially true when taking into account an aging body that has begun to slow down a little. It is true, age is just a number. But with the need to be constantly active no longer applicable, movement on a regular basis becomes essential in order to live a fulfilled life. Swimming, walking, cycling, gentle jogging, it doesn’t matter what the exercise as long as it is regular and you are capable of enjoying it. More extreme forms of exercise are just as acceptable as long as you are capable and enjoy it.

3. Attempt a new hobby that you didn’t think you could master

Stretching yourself and your abilities during retirement is also extremely beneficial. To fire the neurons in your brain that aren’t currently in use, not only provoke a new lease of life, but spark new cognitive functioning. Painting, cooking, gardening, extreme sports, it doesn’t matter what yiur new hobby is. As long as it is something that peaks your interest and challenges you.


4. Research a period of history you know nothing about

Is there a part of the past that when you hear it mentioned you sit up and take notice? Have you never had any time in the past to devote to finding out more about the period? Now you have a little more time on your hands, you can quite quickly become an expert. Your new found hobby could lead to untold opportunities and offs. Best of all, it could change you life for the better.

5. Become IT savvy (or immerse yourself in Information Technology)

In the past, have known just enough about computers to get by? Or do you know absolutely nothing about the digital world? Now you are retired, you have all the time in the world to enter the fascinating world of everything IT. You will soon be tweeting, Facebooking, YouTubing, Instagraming, Tik Toking, and building your own website whilst programming in multiple languages.

6. Research you family tree

Another fascinating time intensive pursuit is researching your family history. It can not only be extremely addictive, it can be very rewarding. Discovering relatives in far flung parts of the world is quite invigorating. As long as you are fine with occasional dark secrets being unveiled about your ancestry, it can be a great ride. A word of warning. As well as being very addictive it can get quite expensive.

7. Educate yourself on how money works, enter the world of crypto and become financially free

The sad fact is that no school touches on economics or how money works. Probably the most important subject of all that we need to be educated about, isn’t even on the curriculum. Now more than ever it is evident that everybody needs to understand how governments across the world are printing money which devalues their currencey. Decentralized digtal tokens in the crypto space is the only way to ultimately be wealthy. Acquiring a financial education can be difficult to grasp at first, but it is a vital step to take. Eventually you will be thankful you did.

8. Learn a musical instrument

Because of more time on your hands, you have a unique chance to learn a musical instrument, one you have always wanted to learn. Sometimes due to failing vision, dexterity problems, and other age-related health issues, learning an instrument may seem too daunting. However there are some fantastic health benefits that come with learning a musical instrument. These include improved breathing, concentration, posture and mental health. The five easiest instruments for older adults to learn are piano, guitar, ukele, harmonica and drums. If you are passionate enough, I would advise learning any instrument.

9. Start a part-time business.

You’ve been active for many, many years. Suddenly coming to a stop and doing nothing is not a option for you. Why not build a part-time business centered aroud a hobby or passion you have. Those of a certain mind-set and relevant skills can achieve a new lease of life following formal reirement. When everything is under your control, and you determine how your business progresses, the sky literally is the limit.

10. Volunteer your time

An idea for simply keeping active and making use of your time, is to volunteer. Many charities, not-for-profit companies and start-ups are constantly on the lookout for volunteers who can spare time to become involved in a variety of activities. Whatever your interests and skills, the is surely somebody who would like you as a volunteer, whatever amount of time you can spare.


Talking about retirement is something that everybody needs to face and get comfortable with. Looking at the actual symptoms that we physically and mentally encounter when we retire are helpful. Knowing what options are on offer, regardless of cost, is something that is valuable to ponder, as long as we act upon them.

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Kevin Roache