Passive Income Opportunities

As a large proportion of would be retirees, or those facing a financially uncertain retirement soon, has decided to focus on today’s five most lucrative passive income opportunities. Each result in various income windfalls, and as always you always get out as much as you’re prepared to put in. The only feature the following methods have in common is their free or extremely low cost entry requirements. If you find yourself facing an uncertain future, why not take a close look at one or more of the following opportunities that could provide you with the security you need. Passive funds can keep you solvent for the rest of your life if you successfully mine any of the the following bonanzas.

The affiliate marketing method

What is affiliate marketing? In a nutshell affiliate marketing is a unique advertising and sales transaction whereby companies compensate third-party publishers (you) to generate internet traffic (easier than it sounds) to view said company’s products or services with a view to purchasing them. If they do, you get paid and everybody is happy. The third-party publishers (you) are termed affiliates.

There is a little more involved in the process than an initial glance would suggest. The following attached video is a great starting point. If you consume its wisdom if and immerse yourself in the affiliate marketing game, over time you could be reaping massive rewards.



The YouTube bandwagon

Lots of people are still asking if they have missed the boat as regards becoming a YouTube sensation and living of the proceeds of the platform. The short answer is NO! It is now more than ever easier to become part of what can become life changing recognition. What has not changed is the hours and hard work that is required to make your mark. It is plainly doable as so many are clearly benefiting from YouTube’s reach. However, there is a lot of competition. If you are willing to invest as much dedication, effort and attention that is required to distinguish yourself from the crowd and sustain a successful YouTube channel, it can be done. It will do you no harm to listen to lots of advise. Start by watching the attached video.



eBay is still around and profitable

eBay first opened its doors in 1995. Since then it has gone though many iterations to eventually settle as the beast it has resolved itself as today. That beast is still very profitable to manipulate if you carefully take the time to do the research and involve yourself in its eco-system.

It is still a phenomenon to a new generation and holds the thrill of possibly getting a bargain, even though it is plainly not as profitable as it once was. There is still the possibility making a more than decent passive income form eBay if you learn how to play the game. Over the years this particular platform has grown to just over 182 global members. It is surely possible to get a slice of that pie. Get started by being enthused by the attached video below.



Your blogging platform

As has been mentioned before on this site, blogging in this day and age can be extremely profitable. As well as being a decent money maker, logging can provide a new lease of life, a new interest, further education, and a boost to your overall wellbeing. Apart from the bloggings no or low cost entry point, your learning curve will be satisfied by the amount of revenues that can be gleaned from doing a good job. Like any business that grows over time as you add to it, the bigger it grows the more money can be siphoned off from the many methods that you have for monetizing your blog. How to get it going is outlined in the attached video. I would also suggest you research a few more.



The crypto revolution

Again, the value of crypto, the blockchain, and investing in digital tokens has been mentioned on this site before. Crypto is included here because of its vast game-changing nature and ability to completely level the playing field for would be participants. It is true a lot of research is required in order feel comfortable enough to take part in what it has to offer. There is of course a massively steep learning cure required to become confident enough to hope to benefit from its unique offering. The fact that your life can be changed overnight, and you don’t have to have inherited wealth to be be able take part meaning its accessability is complete, makes this a must for inclusion in this post. Its volatility does mean losing as much as gaining, but if you are willing to put your risk tolerance on hold, amazing things can happen. Attached is an intro video to whet your feet.



Email marketing

When business began to take the internet seriously, email marketing not only became the chief method of making sales, it became the prime method of all communication. Not a great deal has changed since then. Email marketing is still the number one method of making sales despite the myriad of social media platforms that vie for our time and energy.

To build an email list was, and still is, the most valuable activity to undertake. Each subscriber to an email list is said to be at least worth $1 per month over the long term. It’s not too difficult to realize that only a couple of thousand subscribers can deliver a not too shabby residual passive income. I will let the king of email market Anik Segal explain further through the attached video below.




Having considered your various options, you have surely reached the conclusion that time and effort are the only obstacles that prevent you from successfully retiring with a decent income, forever. As a little endeavor on you part is really the only thing is stopping you, I can see no reason why everybody isn’t rushing to build themselves a thriving passive business to bolster their retirement funds. Some suggestions do require a little more research, some returns are steeped in volatility and require a more faith and hope, some just require diligence and hard work. They are all cheap/free to get started and can potentially ease you money worries forever. I suppose the one thing they al have in common is the require a lot of research, trial and error, and hard work.

There are certain companies and methods I have not included in this post, such as Amazon related money making schemes, as I don’t believe they are in the top six profitable uses of your time.

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Kevin Roache