Never Too Old

All is not lost. Just because you’re ageing gracefully, life doesn’t have to be a struggle.

We all know the best things in life are free but unfortunately the essential things cost a fortune…

Are you 50 Plus and have come to the realisation you’re on your own? All the little luxuries you once took for granted are now so far out of reach you wish you had longer arms. The promises that were made about being taken care of after getting a good job, working hard and saving for retirement have turned out to be lies.


Everybody’s dream of being whatever they want to be in our great equal, democracy which has turned out not to be so equal for everybody. Being born in the wrong place, at the wrong time, to the wrong person – with color/ethnic implications too – has meant ‘the land of the free’ doesn’t mean very much anymore.


Now the digital age has started to un-blur the lines of parentage, nationality, age or physical attributes as regards your earning potential. Knowledge now really is power if you’re prepared to update your skills ‘re-career’ even at this late stage. Anybody and everybody can now come to the party for little or no cost and begin a journey that for some can lead to vast fortunes of not only monetary wealth but self-discovery and enlightenment.


Old age comes to us all, and Enfield wittily advises on how to survive its trickier obstacles, not least the people who suggest you must ‘do something’. One of the great delights of the golden years is doing less – from giving up DIY and ambition to not inviting people to dinner.

In these elegantly entertaining essays, Enfield guides those entering their finer years on how to make the most of old age.