The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

This was introduced in the United Kingdom on the 25th May 2018 and Kids in Space has reviewed its current Privacy Policy to ensure that it is fully compliant with the new GDPR. As per this regulation, Kids in Space’s updated Privacy Policy is as follows.

Information Collection and Retention:

Retired But Broke collect and retain your information for the purpose of recording who has attended our workshops and/or events held at our designated activity venues in Trafford and Greater Manchester. This information is collected at the start of each activity using attendance sheets which form an important historical record of who attended each activity session. These attendance sheets provide details on the number of people attending our workshops and/or events and they also function as feedback on our activities by way of a tick-box style feedback system filled in by the attendees. We also collect information on our retirees scheme’s progress via Outcome Star data obtained during reviews of each person’s skill sets and learnt knowledge. This is recorded on individual outcome star assessment sheets; one for each optional review period (nominally twice per anum).

Retired But Broke have a commitment to be responsible with your information and go to any lengths to ensure its safety, and we will never sell or compromise your information in any way. Information held in paper format (attendance sheets and outcome star assessments) is carefully filed and stored in a locked steel cabinet.
Why we need Your Information:

Retired But Broke, out of duty to its funders and sponsors, have collected your information for the purpose of:

1. Providing feedback on our activities – number of people attending workshops and events – names of participating children and responsible adults (parents, guardians, and carers). This is via the activity record form which we only use to collect and retain basic personal data which does not include any special types of information which could identify your location. We only collect your First Name, Last Name and Post Code.

2. Providing feedback on our registered Space Cadet improvements with analysis done anonymously via the appropriate computer software.

3. Contact details such as email addresses for registered Space Cadets are
also collected so as to be able to communicate important information to
them on upcoming activities.

4. Contact details of registered local volunteers are invited to give us their email
address plus telephone number so as to be able to co-ordinate
upcoming activities with them.

5. All information herein is collected to enhance the operational service
provided by Kids in Space’s staff, volunteers, in-kind supporters and
activity funders for the benefit of participants in our scheduled activities.
How we store your information

Kids in Space ensure that your information is processed with the highest level of care and attention.
As already mentioned, we store your data on paper formats which are carefully
files and held in a securely locked metal cabinet.

Contact details obtained as mentioned in 4, above, are held by the email
providers such as Google’s Gmail and GMX’s email services in their databases
which are protected via their own data protection policies.