Computer Games for the Elderly.

In sharing my story as a recently retired mid-60’s relatively active individual, I have to say my life has immeasurably turned around in the past 6 months. In shifting from ‘well, what am I going to do now?’ to ‘there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day’, I have found a new lease of life and been able to financially secured my future.

The path I found myself traversing was an unlikely one for me in discovering a computer game called Gods unchained. Following a search for ‘Computer Games For The Elderly’ that assumed itself into my search engine, a new world opened up to me. This article will hopefully whet your appetite for discoveries of your own that will be beneficial in many ways as well as financial.

I hope my journey can inspire you to discover your path to life-long learning, gaming, and fun. Until you dip your toe in the waters of that which you previously believed wasn’t for you, you will forever remain unaware. The game I stumbled across is called Gods Unchained. This chance encounter led me through the world of crypto and digital currency to trading and actually making some money. The learning, although sometimes a little baffling and steep, was and still is immense fun.

Continual learning and getting addicted

The benefits of remaining socially, physically and mentally active after retirement barely need to be stated. However, the benefits of dicovering something new and all consuming can’t be understated. All my life I considered computers as tools to make life easier in many ways. It wasn’t until I had too much time on my hands, and I followed link after link on YouTube, that I discover a new and intriguing subject matter to delve into.

A YouTube video using words I hadn’t come across before described concepts I had never heard of. I became hooked. I needed to know more. This, of course, led to me attempting to decipher and understand crypto, tokens, blockchains, and eventually how to make money from gaming. In the case of my own adventure, a game called Unchained Gods. What I had previously considered a frivolous pastime, quickly had me sucked in.

Getting grabbed by the game and becoming addicted.

Being totally unfamiliar with what I was supposed to ‘do’ regarding even registering to play the free online game, let alone the rules, etiquette, or game play. I must admit it was quite a steep learning curve to begin with.

After spending more time than I believe was good for me in front of a computer screen, I was finally able to master the thing. YouTube really is a wonderful planform. The many tutorial video I consumed successfully acclimatized me to the games finer points. If i cannot now call myself an expert, I am well on the way. All the while I was studying how crypto influenced, and will become a major player, in how our economies work in the future.

When it all starts to pay off and you’re truly addicted

It is true to say that for quite a few weeks initially, all my waking hours were concentrated on how all these newly discovered pieces fitted together. A lot of my dreams were fixated around my obsession too. All of a sudden the penny dropped. The mists slowly parted. It all started to make sense, my diligence was starting to pay off. Not only was I becoming a master at playing Unchained Gods (which was allowing me to earn) and was great fun. I also came across a video, which I will link to this post, that allowed me to trade and make money.

I don’t spend the crazy hours in front of a computer screen that I used to, but I still earn and learn every day from crypto and Unchained Gods. It is an addictive, and I would argue necessary, process to arm yourself with this experience and knowledge.

Further down the rabbit hole

Unchained Gods, a digital computer game, is one method accessing a strand of a knowledge area that in turn will lead onto another mind blowing discovery. Each of these discoveries will unlock another piece of the puzzle, and lead you to a greater understanding of the whole. As I uncovered more about concepts I didn’t know existed, I knew I had to learn more, and still do. Keeping your eye on the ball and making tangible progress is very important. However, when you do occasionally veer slightly in another direction, and lets say, discover for the first time how money really works, there is no going back.

Linked is a video of which there are are several similar ones on YouTube that can walk you though how to to earn from Gods Unchained.



The take-aways from this article are 1). You’re never to old 2). Get out of your comfort zone 3). Challenge your existing beliefs 4). Keep finding new things to learn. My jumping off point towards all things digital is/was via the free online computer game Unchained Gods. I would implore you to take a look too. If not, following a similar path will do you the world of good.

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Kevin Roache